Terms & Conditions

We are offering a 14 day returns policy on every car, where customers can exchange their car for different vehicle if they are unhappy with their purchase, subject to €99 admin fee which will be applied at the point of purchase.

If a customer would like to make a return, we must be notified by 6pm seven days after the car has been purchased, with the car being returned to GALWAYCARS within 14 days of delivery. Return requests should be sent to adgalwaycars@gmail.com with the customer’s name, full contact details and reason for return.

When returning a vehicle, the car must be in the same condition it was on delivery, with no damages or claims against it.Galwaycars can refuse to take a return if this clause hasn’t been met, or deduct the cost of repair off the refund value.

Galwaycars is unable to return part exchanged vehicles. Instead, the value of the part exchange will be refunded to the customer, if applicable, minus any charges that have been incurred.

In the event of a return, the cost for the return is the customer’s responsibility.


Deposits are non-refundable in all circumstances. That if you cancel, you must pay all the trader's expenses plus anticipated gross profit. The trader is generally only entitled to keep an amount that is enough to cover their actual losses that result directly from your cancellation.Also customer can use he’s deposit in 12 months period from date of cancellation

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